Relax It’s Sunday | Lifestyle

Sundays, the day of rest for many but for me i like to be out and about especially taking advantage of any good weather we may get during the winter months.

My mornings normally begin with coffee and more so on a Sunday we can move at a much slower pace and enjoy every sip.

Whether it’s coffee at home or simply popping out to one of my favourite coffee spots its the first point of call.

A fairly new discovery to me but has now become a regular spot is Parcafé at The Dorchester Hotel. Located on Park Lane and overlooking Hyde Park.

A small but intimate space & one of the most stylish cafés I have come across. With a stunning pine wood dune tiled wall & marbled floor brings a warm welcome with everything you’d expect from The Dorchester.

Serving Alchemy Coffee which produces some of the finest roasts in London and executed by The Dorchester’s dedicated baristas i know it will a good cup of morning coffee along with a selection of pastries.

The perfect place for me to catch up on some latest editorial reads or to work on my computer.

Even tho it’s Sunday and most people swap their suits for something more casual, I’m the kinda guy that wears a three piece to morning breakfast. Seen here in one of my favourite grey checks.

Adding a touch of colour to the grey with tie, pocket square & socks from a newly discovered men’s Italian accessory brand 40 Colori. From the city of Como, Italy to opening their first London boutique in Shoreditch the brand has every colour possible to suit any gents palette. Go bold I’d say!

Bring the fresh smell of The Dorchester home with one of their fine bouquets created by resident florist Phil Hammond.


At Home With The Refinery | Grooming

When you here the name The Refinery Spa you should immediately think luxury in men’s grooming.

After using the spa myself for some treatments in both it’s prestigious locations Mayfair & Knightsbridge, I was happy that i could now have these premium products that are designed and blended specifically for men in my bathroom cabinet.

This means i can now have those spa essential products at home when I’m unable to make it into the spa itself.

If you’ve never been to a men’s spa or have not even thought about going then I’d highly recommend a trip to The Refinery Mayfair. With everything from De-Stressing Face & Body, Aching Muscles, Hair & Scalp, Hands & Feet they really have you covered all over! Plus the expert team on hand couldn’t be any more welcoming.

For the busy London gent in need of a quick fix I’d go for the Express Facial.

Living in the Big Smoke and open to daily pollutions it was a breath of fresh air to have this 25 minute treatment.

Men are now putting a great deal of time into their grooming routines so having good products from the experts in the know is something worth considering.

And with the winter season rapidly approaching a good moisturiser is key to keeping skin hydrated during those harsh elements that are set to come.

I’m currently using The Refinery Mattifying Moisturiser. Not only do i love the smell but applied after cleansing or shaving it leaves my skin feeling refreshed, hydrated and most importantly with a reduced shine.

Shaving for me at home is a process that should never be rushed. Just think about when you step into your barbers for a wet shave, your’e not in and out in 5 minutes.

Shaving in a hurry will not only result in a less sharper finish but will also damage your skin causing razor burn, unwanted nicks or ingrowing hairs.

So preferably you shouldn’t be shaving first thing in the morning when you have 10 minutes to get yourself ready because you hit the snooze button to many times, and you need to make the next train.

I’m currently trialling two shaving products from the Refinery Spa range, I actually like them both so tend to alternate between them. You may prefer to use a shaving foam or an oil but i guess it’s down to personal preference.

The Refinery Shave Foam Gel protects against razor burn and is enriched with clove and peppermint and contains aloe vera which benefits moisturising and soothing properties.

I found a small amount of gel foamed up to go a long way and i really like the peppermint extracts which basically brings your face alive!

The Refinery Shave Oil is great for the ultimate close shave and especially good if you are following a beard line that you may not be able to see clearly with a foam.

Packed with essential vitamins and anti-oxidants to help strengthen dry damaged skin as well as sooth. Again the scent makes for a worthwhile shave including rosehip oil, patchouli and geranium which i love.

I found my razor to glide through my beard without any pull or irritation, no bumps or nicks and left my skin feeling incredibly soft.

When we think camomile we think calming right? Well that’s when The Refinery Post Shave Balm comes into its own. You’ve cleansed, you’ve shaved and now you apply this lightweight balm to calm and protect the skin.

I find this balm to be light and rich, a little goes a long way and it doesn’t leave my skin feeling heavy and greasy.

So if your’e looking for luxury spa products for the home then these are for you. I for certain will be relying on these products throughout the Winter months as with that biting cold the outdoors give combined with indoor heating can really take out all the hydration in your skin.

The Refinery Spa is there to put it back.

Discover the full range of Refinery Spa products and treatments HERE or pop into the Mayfair branch and speak to one of the team.

Got any questions about the products? Drop me a line in the comments box.

Happy Grooming!


Beard Trimming Kit For Men

Excitement rushes in for those who are seeing the first signs of hair growths on their once cleanly shaven chin and cheeks. It is that anticipation of a better-looking personality that a stubble, even more a full grown, seem to create that intensifies the longing. It is one thing to keep a boy next door image and another to wear that tough guy look. If you prefer the latter, but do not want to be mistaken as a bully or a mugger, you will rather want to have a properly maintained beard that accentuates your better features, perhaps even conceal the unwanted attributes. With the right beard trimming kit for men, that can easily be achieved any time.

Beard Upkeeping: Beard Shaping and Beard Trimming

Beard Trimming Kit For Men

Maintaining a good-looking beard is not just the issue of using the right beard wash, beard balm, beard wax, and other beard maintenance products. It also pertains to regular and proper beard shaping and beard trimming. Notice that once you stop shaving for even just a couple of days, you will find that you already have stubbles of different length growing on your face. It will be quite easy to distinguish anyone who has trimmed or shaved his facial hair compared to another who has let his facial hairs to grow without ever letting a razor glide through it. Uneven hairs with rough edges can easily be distinguished from proportionally growing stubs or beard on the face.

Once you have found the right beard style that suits your personality, you would like to maintain that look using a beard trimmer. It makes shaping, trimming, and maintaining the beard an easier task.

There are a good selection of trimmers available in the market today. Choose one that offers the most value for its price. You will find brands that could either be wireless or wired (even one that works either way). Compare all the features, including the range of length settings, battery type, accessories, and so on, and go with the one that best suits your preferences. If you head over to Amazon, you will find several sellers that offer a money-back guarantee for the products that they offer. There is also a good chance that you will get to read some of the reviews that those who have used the product would have posted. It is a good way to verify the claims of the brand as to what their current and previous users have to say about the beard trimmer.

With the right beard trimmer, you can decide how long you want your facial hair to be. With a decent trimmer that comes with several length settings, you could decide when to wear a stub or a full-grown beard. If you decide to keep either of these types of facial hair, you can easily maintain the shape and the length of the hairs with the right trimmer that is included in the beard trimming kit for men that you have. (more…)